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Recovered Seewald sampler

Lost and Found

In 2009, the hybrid remotely operated vehicle Nereus became stuck in a patch of muddy seafloor at 5000 meters depth. To regain the vehicle’s buoyancy, chief scientist Chris German made the difficult decision to jettison an isobaric gas-tight sampler (IGT) designed by WHOI chemist Jeff Seewald to capture hydrothermal vent fluids at their source. As he promised, German led a team back to the site in 2013 and, working with Nereus engineers, retraced their path and relocated the sampler, which made Seewald (pictured) a very happy scientist. Seewald and his IGTs are taking center stage once again this month during a Dive and Discover expedition to the mid-ocean ridge off the Pacific Coast of Mexico. (Photo by Jill McDermott, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)


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