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Taiwan climatology
Glen Gawarkiewicz and I are working with researchers from the National Taiwan University (NTU) to characterize the mean state and variability of the water surrounding Taiwan. The project has resulted in major upgrades to two climatology programs designed for the Matlab computing environment. For details, visit the Planview and Cross-Shelf climatology software pages.

Capturing Uncertainty Initiative
Glen and I have worked with acousticians to quantify the amount of uncertainty in our knowledge of the way sound propagates in the ocean. We identified temporal and spatial scales of variability in the PRIMER dataset. Read more about our climatology of the Middle Atlantic Bight.  more >>

Effects of Sound in the Marine Environment
Glen Gawarkiewicz and I provided interpretation and recommendations on Navy sound speed data to this interdisciplinary program. Read more about our research on correlating bottlenose dolphin positions with the mean location of the Middle Atlantic Bight shelfbreak front.   more >>

These projects were funded by the Office of Naval Research.
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