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Knorr turning

On a Dime

George Tupper, a WHOI engineer and private pilot, had often thought about photographing the WHOI-operated research vessel Knorr from the air to capture the ship turning on its axis. Tupper's opportunity came on September 16, 1987, while the ship was sailing on a mooring deployment cruise for Nelson Hogg, who worked with Tupper in the WHOI Buoy Group. That day Tupper flew out to meet the ship as it sailed between Woods Hole and Nantucket. As he circled above taking photos, Knorr's captain stopped and, using the ship's cycloidal drive, spun the vessel counterclockwise. The unique (but noisy) propulsion system was removed in 1991 when the ship received a mid-life refit. (Photo courtesy of George Tupper)


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