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My photos of oceanographers at work have appeared in numerous publications, including books, calendars, magazines, and internal publications (annual reports, etc). Please visit my dotcom website for more information about my photography.

Field Assignments
Live from the Poles - project manager and field photographer for five expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic during Internatinal Polar Year. This two-year collaborative project with eight natural history and science museums across the USA brings researchers, science centers, and broadcast media reporters together to convey the story of polar research expeditions to public and classroom audiences. During the expeditions, daily webcasts will be posted on the Polar Discovery interactive educational website modeled after the highly successful Dive and Discover website of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Audiences at museums, science centers, radio and television stations, and student reporters writing for Scholastic Online will participate in several scheduled real-time phone calls from the field.
Beaufort Gyre Exploration Project - field photographer and dispatch writer for the August 2005 expedition to the Arctic Ocean's remote Beaufort Gyre. I documented the scientific activities and maintained a daily dispatch journal from the icebreaker.
Edge of the Arctic Shelf - field photographer for three summer cruises to the Arctic Ocean. My mission was to document our scientific activities and the beauty of the Arctic Ocean. I designed the web pages and uploaded the site contents in near-real-time from the icebreaker.
Geodynamics 2002 field trip - photographed geology students on field trips to Scotland and Iceland.

Recent Oceanus photo essays available online

7/27/2006  Chilly Scenes of Winter off Cape Cod; What happens in the coastal ocean when the winds blow and the waters cool?

1/25/2006  The Flywheel of the Arctic Climate Engine; Remote Beaufort Gyre expeditions reveal clues to climate change

8/26/2005  Where Currents Collide; Nineteen days at sea in the 'graveyard of the Atlantic'

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