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WHOI International Polar Year information page

On this developing website, information will be posted about WHOI researchers participating in IPY 2007-2009. Links to other IPY sites are also listed.

"Arctic Observing Based on Ice-Tethered Platforms"

The workshop took place at WHOI during June 28-30. Fifty-five experts from USA, Canada, Germany, France, Norway, United Kingdom and Russia representing different institutions and organizations attended this workshop. Final draft of the report is now online.

Agenda and participants

"Instrumentation for Arctic Ocean Exploration"

The final report from the NSF sponsored "Instrumentation for Arctic Ocean Exploration" workshop is now available. Click here to download full report or here to download executive summary.

This is an interdisciplinary web site of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution scientists currently involved in Arctic studies.

The Arctic Ocean is an important component of the global climate system. The processes occurring in the Arctic Ocean affect the rate of deep and bottom water formation in the convective regions of the high North Atlantic and influence ocean circulation across the globe. This fact is highlighted by global climate modeling studies that consistently show the Arctic to be one of the most sensitive regions to climate change. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has adopted an interdisciplinary approach to studying the Arctic.

The objective of this web site is to organize and to provide a necessary degree of coordination between different WHOI departments and scientific centers outside of WHOI. This activity includes:

  • Coordination of WHOI Arctic studies with other Arctic research centers in order to explore new directions of Arctic investigation (new methods of observations, new theories, numerical and statistical methods, etc.);
  • Coordination of Arctic expeditions;
  • Organization of conferences, AGU sessions, workshops, and seminars related to Arctic topics.

We hope this web site will provide useful information regarding this area of research.