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Ashjian, C.J., S.L. Smith, C.N. Flagg, and N. Idrisi. 2002. Distribution, annual cycle, and vertical migration of acoustically derived biomass across a 900 km transect in the Arabian Sea during 1994-1995. Deep-Sea Research II, 49: 2377-2402.
Ashjian, C.J., C.S. Davis, S.M. Gallager, and P. Alatalo. 2001. Distribution of plankton, particles, and hydrographic features across Georges Bank described using the Video Plankton Recorder. Deep-Sea Research II, 48: 245-282.
Ashjian, C. J., S. L. Smith, C. N. Flagg, and C. Wilson. 1998. Patterns and occurrence of diel vertical migration of zooplankton in the Mid-Atlantic Bight measured by the acoustic Doppler current profiler. Continental Shelf Research 18: 831-858.
Ashjian, C., S. Smith, F. Bignami, T. Hopkins, and P. Lane. 1997. Distribution of zooplankton in the Northeast Water Polynya during Summer 1992. Journal of Marine Systems, 10: 279-298.
Ashjian, C. J., S. L. Smith, and P. V. Z. Lane. 1995. The Northeast Water Polynya during Summer, 1992: Distribution and aspects of secondary production of copepods. Journal of Geophysical Research, Leads and Polynyas Special Section, 100: 4371-4388.
Ashjian, C. J., S. L Smith, C. N. Flagg, A. J. Mariano, W. J. Behrens, and P. V. Z. Lane. 1994. The influence of a Gulf Stream meander on the distribution of zooplankton biomass in the Slope Water, the Gulf Stream, and the Sargasso Sea described using a shipboard acoustic Doppler current profiler. Deep-Sea Research I, 41: 23-50.
Ashjian, C. J .and K. F. Wishner. 1993. Temporal consistency of copepod species groups in the Gulf Stream. Deep-Sea Research, 40: 483-516.
Ashjian, C. J. 1993. Trends in copepod species abundances across and along a Gulf Stream Meander: Evidence for entrainment and detrainment of fluid parcels from the Gulf Stream. Deep-Sea Research, 40: 461-482.
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