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Biological Research at the SHEBA Ice Camp
Carin Ashjian, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Robert Campbell, University of Rhode Island

During 1997-1998 I conducted zooplankton research at the SHEBA ice camp. The SHEBA (Surface Heat Exchange Budget of the Arctic) project described the atmospheric, water column, and sea ice and snow conditions that modulate heat flux in the Arctic. To do so, a ship was frozen into the ice in the Beaufort Sea north of Barrow, Alaska with multiple, smaller facilities set up on the surrounding ice. Several biological oceanography programs also were conducted at SHEBA in collaboration with the Canadian Joint Ocean Ice Study. We traveled to the ice camp four times to conduct intensive sampling of the dominant copepods for distribution and size (morphometric, weight, carbon, and nitrogen) measurements and to conduct experiments to measure the vital rates (reproduction, growth, development) of these animals.

This project was funded by the National Science Foundation.
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