Kakani Katija Young


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Journal of Visualized Experiments: SCUVA

JoVE General: by Aaron Kolski-Andreaco
This October in JoVE

New Scientist: by Caitlin Stier
Jellyfish strokes come to life with laser vision

Scientific American: by Kalliopi Monoyios
I Heart Copepods. You should, too.


National Geographic: Emerging Explorer

Icenetwork.com: by Lois Elfman
Former ice dancer named "Emerging Explorer"

National Geographic Magazine (and online): by Susan Daugherty
Kakani Katija, Bioengineer and Emerging Explorer

National Geographic, My Wonderful World: by Cedar Atanasio
Becoming an Explorer

National Geographic Weekend Radio: by Boyd Matson
NG Weekend Archives

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: by Joel Greenberg
Emerging explorers award to WHOI's Kakani Katija


Nature: Biogenic Mixing by Jellyfish

ABC Science
Fish tails stir up world's oceans

Agence France-Presse
Fauna play key role in circulating seas, says study

British Broadcasting Corporation: by Victoria Gill
Jellyfish help to stir the ocean

Caltech: by Kathy Svitil
Caltech researchers link tiny sea creatures to large-scale ocean mixing

Christian Science Monitor: by Peter Spotts
How jellyfish may be stirring the ocean

Swimming sea creatures are the ocean's cocktail stirs

Discovery Channel: by Michael Reilly
Jellyfish may affect climate by stirring oceans

German National Public Radio
Quallen als Ozeanmixer

Live Science: by Jeanna Bryner
Jellyfish have big mixing effect on the oceans

National Geographic Online: by Brian Handwerk
Sea animals change climate via flutters and flaps?

National Public Radio: by Geoff Brumfiel
Jellyfish may help keep planet cool
Radio transcript

National Science Foundation: by Cheryl Dybas
Researchers link jellyfish, other small sea creatures to large-scale ocean mixing

National Science Foundation: by Cheryl Dybas
Jellyfish: far from passive drifters-in-the-currents

Nature News: by Roberta Kwok
Jellyfish help mix the world's oceans

New Scientist
Ocean swimmers stir the seas

New York Times: by Henry Fountain
Microscopic creatures stir the oceans

Physics World: by James Dacey
Darwin's grandson proved right over fishy physics

Science Daily
Jellyfish and other small sea creatures linked to large-scale ocean mixing

Science NOW: by Phil Berardelli
Little creatures can stir big oceans

Scientific American: by Katherine Harmon
Shrimpy sea life may mix oceans as much as tides and winds do

TIME: by Adi Narayan
Churning ocean waters, one jellyfish at a time

United Press International
Study: Jellyfish help oceans mix it up

Wired Magazine: by Brandon Keim
Jellyfish are the dark energy of the oceans


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