Slide show 2 - The wreck site

At the Classical shipwreck between Chios and Oinoussai Islands, the team collected multibeam sonar data, high resolution digital images, and environmental / chemical data. Because the vehicle's underwater navigation fixes were very precise, these data sets can be coordinated spatially and temporally. Data combinations provide much richer sources of information for the team's scientists to interpret than any data set viewed in isolation.

The merged photomosaic and bathymetric plot show us that the site has 1.8 meters of "vertical relief". In other words, there is a mound of amphoras on this wreck that stands 1.8 meters taller than the surrounding sea floor. That tells us that there is almost certainly more cargo under the top layer of amphoras. A similar wreck excavated at Alonnesos in the western Aegean had as many as four layers of amphoras contained in its 1.5 meters of vertical relief. At Chios, we counted more than 300 amphoras on the surface of the wreck. If the Chios Classical site is similar to the Alonnesos wreck, it could contain a thousand amphoras.

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