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» Lecture 1 paper
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» Lecture 2 paper
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» Lecture 3 paper
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» Lecture 3, paper 2
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» Lecture 4 paper
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» lecture 4 paper 2
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» Lecture 5 paper
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» lecture 6 paper
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» Lecture 7 paper 1
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» lecture 7, paper 2
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» Lecture 8 paper
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» Lecture 9 paper
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» lecture 10 paper
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» lecture 11
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» lecture 12, paper 1
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» lecture 12, paper 2
Meneghello, G., E. Doddridge, J. Marshall, J. Scott, J.-M. Campin, 2020: Exploring the Role of the Ice-Ocean Governor and Mesoscale Eddies in the Equilibration of the Beaufort Gyre: Lessons from Observations. J. Phys. Oceanogr., 50, 269-277

Topographic Effects

Lecture 1:  2/13/24    Hydraulic controls

Lecture 2:  2/27/24       Overflows

Lecture 3:  3/5/24    Abyssal mixing

Lecture 4:  3/12/24  Bottom pressure torque

Southern Ocean

Lecture 5:  3/19/24   Southern Ocean and the MOC

Lecture 6:  4/2/24    Linear models of the ACC

Lecture 7:  4/9/24     Eddies and form stress in the ACC

Lecture 8:  4/16/24   Eddy saturation and compensation

Arctic Ocean

Lecture 9:  4/23/24    Closed f/h contours

Lecture 10: 4/30/24     Exchanges with lower latitudes

Lecture 11:  5/7/24     The halocline

Lecture 12:  5/14/24  The Beaufort Gyre


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