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From Oceanus Magazine

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September 6, 2012
Do Oil and Corals Mix?
WHOI scientists explore impacts of Deepwater Horizon .
Source: Oceanus Magazine

January 19, 2012
Scientists Solve a Deepwater Horizon Mystery
What was that odd flotsam that appeared after the Gulf oil spill?
Source: Oceanus Magazine

October 12, 2011
Every Chromatogram Tells a Story
Technique detects the multitude of chemical compounds in oil.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

October 7, 2011
At Deepwater Horizon, Basic Research Was Applied
Source: Oceanus Magazine

September 14, 2011
Research Road Trip
Audio slideshow: A three-day, 500-mile quest for tarballs .
Source: Oceanus Magazine

July 21, 2011
Four Men. Twelve Hours. One Crucial Sample.
In a tense overnight mission, scientists grab oil from the deep.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

September 5, 2011
Up From the Seafloor Came a Bubbling Brew
Scientists use a novel method to measure rate of Deepwater Horizon oil spewing into the Gulf .
Source: Oceanus Magazine

July 18, 2011
A Plume of Chemicals from Deepwater Horizon
Some hydrocarbons from the oil spill lingered in the depths .
Source: Oceanus Magazine

July 14, 2011
Of Predators, Prey, and Petroleum
Do microscopic marine animals help bacteria degrade oil?
Source: Oceanus Magazine

May 5, 2011
Life and Death in the Deep Sea
Does the Gulf oil spill threaten vital seafloor communities?
Source: Oceanus Magazine

April 20, 2011
A Small Sip from a Big Gusher
A deep-sea device proves ideal for getting essential samples.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

April 8, 2011
Does Oil Affect Animals' Cellular Machinery?
Scientists investigate genes activated by contaminants.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

March 23, 2011
Gliders Tracked Potential for Oil to Reach the East Coast
Finding the location shifting Gulf Loop Current was critical.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

January 26, 2011
After the Oil Spill, Finding a Drop in the Ocean
New, highly sensitive method can track dispersant in Gulf of Mexico .
Source: Oceanus Magazine

September 17, 2010
Tracking a Trail of Oil Droplets
WHOI devices create ways to see tiny things in a big ocean .
Source: Oceanus Magazine

Undersea Asphalt Volcanoes Discovered April 25, 2010
Undersea Asphalt Volcanoes Discovered
Erupting oil paved the seafloor with mysterious mounds.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

Asphalt Volcanoes on the Seafloor April 25, 2010
Asphalt Volcanoes on the Seafloor
An audio slideshow on the exploration of Il Duomo.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

May 14, 2009
While Oil Gently Seeps from the Seafloor
Oil naturally leaking into the ocean offers a 'laboratory' to study accidential spills.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

May 28, 2008
Popular Way to Assess Oil Spills Can Be Misused
WHOI chemist issues warning before 'pom-pom' method becomes standard practice.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

April 23, 2007
Still Toxic After All These Years
Does oil spilled in 1969 still have impacts on wildlife? Ask a fiddler crab.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

Oil in Our Coastal Back Yard October 13, 2004
Oil in Our Coastal Back Yard
Spills on WHOI's shores set the stage for advances in mitigating and remediating oil spills.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

Mixing Oil and Water June 23, 2004
Mixing Oil and Water
Tracking the sources and impacts of oil pollution in the marine environment.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

Oil Spill July 1, 2003
Oil Spill a Bane for Buzzards Bay, a Boon for Coastal Science
A Bane for Buzzards Bay, a Boon for Coastal Science.

Oil from Spill Lingers in West Falmouth Marsh March 1, 2003
Oil from Spill Lingers in West Falmouth Marsh

A Local Spill Revisited A Local Spill Revisited
By John Teal, Oceanus magazine, 1993
(pdf format)

A Local Spill Local Spill
by George Hampson and Howard Sanders, 1969
From Oceanus magazine

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