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alvin christeningAlvin and Lulu
Alvin's basketalvin overhaul
Atlantis II and Alvinalvin and jason
Alvin and Altantisdiving off alvin
In Alvin's sphereAlvin's arm
Alvin's probeAlvin under water
Four Decades of Alvin
On June 5, 1964, three passengers descended to what was then a remarkable depth for this new science research vehicle—about 12 feet. In the four decades since, more than 12,000 people have climbed into the six-foot pressurized sphere. See a photo history.
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alvin christening
In June 1964, Deep Submergence Vehicle Alvin was commissioned on the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution dock. The dream of building a human-occupied deep ocean research submersible began eight years earlier, when participants at a symposium in Washington drafted a resolution that the U.S. develop a national program for undersea vehicles. (©Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
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