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R/V KnorrFabian Batista in the NOSAMS Facility
Frederick Sayles and Joanne GoudreauSenior Scientist and OLI Director Dr. Laurence P. Madin
Ellen Roosen with core samplesChris Taylor with Jason II
JP Student Desiree Platanew biogeochemistry lab
R/V TiogaMechanic Christopher M. Griner
Senior Welder Geoffrey Ekblaw works on a REMUSseafloor samples in the McLean Laboratory
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Senior Welder Geoffrey Ekblaw works on a REMUS
In the mechanical shop housed in the Iselin Marine Facility, Senior Welder/Fabricator Geoffrey Ekblaw works on a docking station for REMUS, an autonomous underwater vehicle. (Daniel W. Webb/Falmouth Enterprise). (Daniel W. Webb/Falmouth Enterprise)
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