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construction siteconstruction site, January 2005
Marine Research Facility 12/17/04Biogeochemistry Building 12/ 2705
Biogeochemistry Building Marine Research Facility
Primary Chilled Water Pumpscondenser water pumps
new boilerSample Prep Laboratory
Continuous Flow AMSMarine Research Facility March 05
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construction site
The first significant changes to Institution facilities in well over a decade began in 2003 with construction of a ring road around most of the Quissett Campus science buildings to create a central laboratory-and-pedestrian area. In May 2004, construction of two new laboratory buildings was initiated. By January 1, 2005, the work on these buildings was between 35 and 40 percent done, and they were on schedule for completion in late 2005.

The two buildings will provide more than 70,000 square feet of new laboratory space, a 30 percent increase. The Biogeochemistry Building will bring scientists from various disciplines together in a biogeochemistry group, and the Marine Research Facility will provide laboratory space for the marine mammal and other research teams.

North and south additions to the McLean Laboratory will also allow expansion of the accelerator mass spectrometry and seafloor sample facilities.

When the construction is finished, new walkways will facilitate foot traffic among all the Quissett Campus buildings.

Above: Quissett Campus construction site in May 2004. (Photo by Bill McKeon)
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