James C. Kinsey


James C. Kinsey, Ph.D.

Associate Scientist
Deep Submergence Laboratory
Department of Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Email: jkinsey "at" whoi.edu
Office: Blake 219
Phone: 01 508 289 3470


Welcome!  I work at the intersection of robotics and earth sciences researching and developing new methods for investigating the Earth's oceans with robotic technologies.  The core of my research is navigation, control, and field robotics.  Here, you can explore my research, education, and outreach activites and learn more about my field work.  Feel free to contact me for more information.

Curriculum vitae

Full CV
NSF 2-page CV

Mailing Address

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
MS 7, 266 Woods Hole Road
Woods Hole, MA 02543 USA

Recent Happenings

--- January 2015: Two papers have been accepted for the 2015 IEEE ICRA conference --- one on ADCP aided navigation methods and a second on under-ice navigation.  Congratulations to all involved! 

--- September 2014: Jon Howland, Qingjun Yang, and I published a manuscript on nonlinear observers for underwater robot navigation in the IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technologies. 

--- August 2014: I was the Prinicpal Investigator on an expedition with the Sentry AUV to (1) measure heat flux at the ASHES and Main Endeavour Hydrothemal Vent Fields and (2) validate new ADCP aided navigation methods.  Data analysis is on-going.  This work was funded by the National Science Foundation and the Air Force Research Laboratories.  

--- July 2014: Stefano Suman, an engineer in my group, along with colleagues at WHOI and The Johns Hopkins University, participated in the first under-ice sea trials of the Nereid Under-Ice Robot (NUI).     

--- June 2014: I participated in the 2014 Japanese-American Frontiers of Engineering (JAFOE) --- an invitation-only meeting of early career engineers in Japan and the USA hosted by the U.S. and Japanese Academies of Engineering.

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