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WHOI is proud to hold Charity Navigator's Highest Rating WHOI is proud to hold Charity Navigator's highest rating for the seventh year

People: Intellectual Independence

The best minds in any field must be allowed the freedom to exercise intellectual independence in the pursuit of knowledge, and it is a priority for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to attract and retain the world’s best scientists and students. Our people, like those featured below, tackle some of the biggest scientific and engineering questions of our world. However, they can’t do it alone. Your investment in their work, through support for research, fellowships and endowed funds, helps generations of scientists study the dynamic connections between ocean, air and land.

Common Dolphin Strandings

Michael Moore: Stranding Studies Advance Science

WHOI’s Michael Moore: Science is fundamental to an effective response to marine mammal strandings. Learn how you can help.

Fiamma Straneo: A Rising Tide Fiamma Straneo: A Rising Tide
For physical oceanographer Fiamma Straneo—who studies Greenland’s rapidly melting ice sheet—sometimes the ideas are easy and being able to implement them is the challenge.

Elizabeth Halliday: A Day at the BeachElizabeth Halliday: A Day at the Beach
MIT-WHOI Joint Program biological oceanography student Elizabeth Halliday discusses how and why she studies the source of bacteria that can lead to periodic beach closures both on Cape Cod and around the country.

Ken BuesellerKen Buesseler: Radiation and the Ocean
WHOI senior scientist Ken Buesseler addresses questions related to the release of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear power plant following the March 2011 Japan earthquake. (Courtesy of The Weather Channel)