WHOI chemist Mak Saito

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Grants totaling $5.2 million from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation will help WHOI scientists, such as biogeochemist Mak Saito, shed new light on the world of microbes. Saito was one of 16 scientists worldwide chosen to receive the prestigious and highly competitive Marine Microbiology Initiative Investigator Award.

    Coleman and Susan Burke

    The Coleman and Susan Burke Ocean Observing Operations Room allows scientists to monitor field and at-sea conditions in real-time from shore. The room is part of the Institution's involvement in a cutting-edge initiative funded by the National Science Foundation to build and operate an underwater network of buoys, robotic vehicles and sensors.

      Dusty  Howland

      Weston Howland Jr. Postdoctoral Endowed Scholarship Fund

      Dusty Howland's passion for the ocean and education is helping young, bright scientists, such as Kakani Young, start their careers with a scholarship program endowed in perpetuity.

        Grossman Family Foundation

        The Grossman Family Foundation

        As a boater, Steven Grossman of The Grossman Family Foundation was familiar with the work of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. He’d read about it in national newspapers and magazines. He’d taken his own ship to the North Atlantic and the Northwest Passage, experiencing the remote beauty of the Arctic firsthand. However, it was a gift of Oceanus magazine from friends that really captured Grossman’s imagination.


          Deerbrook Charitable Trust

          Throughout the remainder of 2012, Alvin, the nation’s only deep-diving human-occupied submersible dedicated to marine science gradually will be re-assembled and tested as part of a $40 million upgrade. It’s all thanks to the generosity of many donors, including the Institution’s Trustees, members of the Corporation, and the Deerbook Charitable Trust, who helped WHOI meet its $5 million cost-share to the National Science Foundation for the project.

            McGuire and Collins

            The W.M. Keck Foundation

            A grant of $1 million from The W. M. Keck Foundation supports an interdisciplinary project led by geologist Jeff McGuire, an expert in global earthquake seismology and geodesy, and John Collins, director of WHOI’s Ocean Bottom Seismometer Lab, that will build and install the first seafloor geodesy observatory above the expected rupture zone of the next great Cascadia earthquake.

              Tracy Mincer and Matt Johnson

              Hermann Foundation

              People matter, and Charles Dodson knew it. Before he passed away in 2010, Charlie thoughtfully led the Hermann Foundation, a family foundation that supported many organizations in Massachusetts and California. Those grantees shared Charlie’s vision to give people the tools necessary to best serve their communities. When Charlie’s daughter and new Hermann Foundation President Maria Starzyk learned of the Oceanographic’s Early Career Scientist Endowed Fund, the response was immediate.

                WHOI water bottle

                Cool Gear International

                Donna and Hank Roth love the ocean and are committed to a greener planet. Their company, Cool Gear International, creates hydration, food storage and travel products that encourage consumers to reduce waste and embrace reusability. The longtime supporters of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution recently released the exclusive WHOI printed glass water bottle.

                  Bob and Anne James

                  Bob and Anne James

                  When Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution responded to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, our scientists went to the Gulf with the experience and technology to gather accurate, timely measurements under extreme conditions and communicate their findings. It’s the essence of WHOI’s strength in ocean science. Trustee Bob James and his wife, Anne, also saw something more—the story of an institution and a model for crisis response for the future.



                    Many birthday parties for young people include cake and gifts, family and friends. Madelyn P. of Massachusetts is thinking a lot bigger. For the past two years, Madelyn has asked her birthday party guests to bring a contribution for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution instead of giving her birthday presents. She plans to make the same gift to WHOI “every year for a while.”

                      Island Creek Oyster Foundation

                      Island Creek Oysters Foundation

                      On the island of Zanzibar, in the Indian Ocean off Tanzania, seafood is not a luxury, but a means of survival. With wild fish stocks depleted or under intense pressure, aquaculture is critical for the food supply and for economic development of this island. In 2010 the Island Creek Oysters Foundation (ICOF) of Duxbury joined forces with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to fund an aquaculture project in Zanzibar.

                        Richard L. Hatch

                        Richard L. Hatch

                        The late Richard L. Hatch was a man of the land. He and his late wife, Rakia, protected their cherished Maine coast by donating thousands of acres to the Nature Conservancy and other organizations in order to preserve it for generations to come. His final gift to WHOI, an unexpected multi-million dollar bequest, helps continue his stewardship of his beloved ocean.