Bayesian Phylogenetics: MrBayes

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» Mossel, E and E. Vigoda, "Phylognetic MCMC algorithms are misleading on a mixture of trees," Science, September 2005

» (Longer Paper) Mossel, E. and E. Vigoda, "Limitations of Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods for Bayesian Inference in Phylogeny." (Preprint)

» Huelsenbeck, J.P. et al, 2006. Comments on "Phylogenetic MCMC Algorithms are Misleading on Mixtures of Trees" Science Volume 312, April 21, 2006

» Mossel, E. and E. Vigoda. 2006. "Response to Comment on 'Phylogenetic MCMC Algorithms are Misleading on Mixtures of Trees,' " Science, Volume 312, April 21, 2006.

» Stefankovic, D. and E. Vigoda, "Pitfalls of Heterogeneous Processes for Phylogenetic Reconstruction," (preprint, June 30, 2006).

» Daskalakis, C. et al, 2006, "Optimal Phylogenetic Reconstruction," In Proc. of 38th ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC), Seattle, Washington.

» Ronquist, F. 2005. Powerpoint of "MrBayes: In Introduction" (MBL Talk, July 2005)

» Lewis, P. 2006. Bayesian Phylogenetics, MBL Talk, July 27, 2006.


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