Recent Joint Program Student Awards

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Gareth Lawson

Jim Thomson

Benjamin Walther

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Whitney Krey

Wagner Memorial Award

Ariane Verdy
(Physical Oceanography) has been selected to received the 2007 Peter B. Wagner Memorial Award, presented by the Desert Research Institute to a woman in the atmospheric sciences based on a competition among papers submitted or published during the year. Ariane's paper is "Carbon dioxide and oxygen fluxes in the Southern Ocean: Mechanisms of interannual variability" and is published in Global Biogeochemical Cycles.

Geological Society of America Geophysics Student Award

Clare Williams (Geology & Geophysics) wrote a proposal to the Geological Society of America for funds to analyze magnetic properties of rock samples.  Not only did she receive the funding, but she was awarded the GSA's 2006 Geophysics Student Award for an "outstanding student research grant project which involves the application of the principals and techniques of geophysics" on October 24, 2006 at the GSA meeting in Philadelphia.

Outstanding Student Paper Awards

Of the 34 Outstanding Student Paper Awards presented for the 2006 Ocean Sciences meeting, eight were received by MIT/WHOI Joint Program students.  Below is a list of the students, their departments and presentation titles.

Nick Drenzek, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
Investigating the Temporal Relationship between the Synthesis and Sediment Incorporation of Vascular Plant Biomarkers using Molecular Level 14C Analysis

Tom Farrar, Physical Oceanography
Intraseasonal Variability near 10°N in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean

Melanie Fewings, Physical Oceanography
The Importance of Waves and Cross-Shelf Winds in Driving Inner Continental Shelf Exchange Flow

Gareth Lawson, Biology
Krill Patch Structure and Distribution Along the Western Antarctic Peninsula, With Comparison to the Gulf of Maine

Naomi Levine, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
Ocean carbon system variability and the detection of oceanic anthropogenic CO2 uptake

Jim Thomson, Physical Oceanography
Infragravity Energy Loss in the Surfzone via Nonlinear Interactions

Benjamin Walther, Biology
Natal Origins, Habitat Use and Life History Variability in Shad Revealed by Otolith Chemistry

Stephanie Waterman, Physical Oceanography
Zonal Jet and Recirculation Gyres From the Rectification of Localized Oscillatory Forcing: A Laboratory, Numerical and Theoretical Study

European Association of Organic Geochemists Travel Award

James Saenz, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
Funding for independent research at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) for collaboration with the marine biogeochemistry group to detect lipid biomarkers for anaerobic ammonium oxidizers (anammox) in sediments from the Waquoit Bay Subterranean estuary

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships

Whitney Krey, Biological Oceanography

Kelton McMahon, Biological Oceanography


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