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This final VERTIGO project workshop in Woods Hole will serve as a focal point to share results, advance the comparison of data, and finalize manuscripts for a special issue of Deep Sea Research II, that will be guest edited by K. Buesseler.

We have organized the meeting over 4 days, October 1-4, 2006, the first 3 days at the J. Erik Jonsson Woods Hole Center of the National Academy of Sciences, 314 Quissett Ave, Woods Hole, the last day in Clark 509 in the Clark Building, Quissett Campus, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. We have organized the meeting into four 1/2 day morning sessions, during which we will present talks to the entire group on the various aspects of the individual projects addressing publications that will have been completed prior to the meeting. The afternoon sessions will be used for breakout into working groups and discussion of joint papers.

VERTIGO has resulted in a unique set of data to compare and contrast export fluxes in the twilight zone in two settings of biogeochemical significance for the global C cycle. We have documented large changes in export efficiency, consistent variations elemental specific remineralization length scales, and can now examine these differences in context of combined geochemical study of C uptake, export and remineralization along with biological estimates of the rates of microbial and zooplankton C processing, and the characteristics of the biological source materials. With this workshop we will be able to move from individual results, to a combined interdisciplinary view of the controls on flux at two contrasting settings. We will also use this opportunity to finalize plans for data submittal to the WHOI DMO, and discuss new avenues for future mesopelagic research that goes well beyond these two sites and this particular group of methods and PI's.


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