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Although this is a non-credit course conducted in a nonjudgmental style, homework will nontheless be assigned at the end of each class and expected to be completed by the time of the next class.   From past experience, students have welcomed homework, quizzes, and exams,  both to  keep them both motivated and to make them aware of their strengths and weaknesses.


Each Friday there will be a 15-minute in-class quiz.


  • Take-home mid-term exam in the fourth week.
  • In-class final exam in the tenth week.
I will actually assign a letter grade to students at the end of the course.  What does it mean, you might ask, to receive a letter grade in a non-credit course?  Well, I will write a short report on each student's work (along with the letter grade) and leave it with the WHOI Education department.  This way, if you'd like to have some proof or record (for future benefit) of your first summer here, you could mention that letter grade.


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