2008 Summer Lecture Series

Monday, 16 June, 2008 through Monday, 11 August, 2008

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Summer Lecture Schedule

The Summer Lecture Series provides our Summer Student Fellows, Guest Students and entering MIT/WHOI Joint Program students with a popular and very useful introduction to the breadth of oceanographic research at WHOI

2008 Summer Lecture Series

10:00am - 12:00pm


Monday, June 9

10:00Welcome to WHOI

Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink, Chair of Summer Student Fellowship Committee

Jim Yoder, Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean

Michael Moore, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee [IACUC]

10:45Ron Reif, EHS Safety Orientation


Monday, June 16 (Clark 507)

10:00 – Ken Foote, AOPE “Using sonar to detect, classify, and quantify marine organisms”

10:40 – Ann Tarrant, BIO "Making friends of anemones" 

11:20 – Jack Whitehead, PO "Abrupt Transitions in laboratory experiments"


Monday, June 23 (Clark 507)

10:00 – Ken Buesseler, MCG "Why dump iron in the ocean?"

10:40 – Peter Winsor, PO The Arctic Ocean and its role in global climate change”

11:20 – Henry Dick, GG “The composition and architecture of the ocean crust”


Monday, June 30 (Redfield)

10:00 – Mike Carlowicz, Comm

10:40 – Jeff Donnelly, GG "Chasing hurricanes in the geological record: patterns, forcing, and consequences"                                                     

11:20 – Amy Bower, PO "Rings and Things: An Innovative method for observing Irminger Rings in the Labrador Sea and Outreach to Students with Disabilities"


Monday, July 7 (Redfield)

10:00 – Houshuo Jiang, AOPE "Hydrodynamic signal perception by the copepod Oithona plumifera"

10:40 – Peter Tyack, BIO TBA

11:20 – Mak Saito, MCG "Vitamins and cobalt from the tropics to Antarctica"


Monday, July 14 (Clark 507)

10:00 – Carl Lamborg, MCG "Sources of Methylmercury to the Ocean, to Fish and to You!"

10:40 – Tobias Kukulka, PO "Air-Sea Interactions"

11:20 – Porter Hoagland, MPC "Estimating the economic impacts of shoreline change"


Monday, July 21

8:30-12:00pm Mid-Summer Progress Reports

No lectures this day


Monday, July 28 (Redfield)

10:00 – Meg Tivey, MCG “Back-arc basin hydrothermal systems: to mine or not to mine”

10:40 – Di Jin, MPC “Ecosystem-based Ocean Management: Theory and Practice”

11:20 – John Stegeman, BIOAdaptation to Environmental Change:  Life in a Sea of Chemicals”


Monday, August 4 (Clark 507)

10:00 – Rebecca Gast, BIO “Marine Animal Zoonosis

10:40 – Ken Brink, POCurrents on Georges Bank”

11:20 – Jian Lin, GGThe May 12, 2008 magnitude 7.9 earthquake in Sichuan, China, and the geology of eastern Tibetan Plateau”


Monday, August 11 (Redfield)

10:00 – Dan McCorkle, GGThe impact of ocean acidification on marine calcifying organisms”

10:40 – Stefan Sievert, BIO “Life at the Limits: Microbial Communities at Deep-Sea Vents”

11:20 – Sandy Williams, AOPE “Expendable Benthic Lander”


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