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This is a repository for modeling software or environmental data sources that may be of interest to marine mammalogists.  If you find software or data sources that are particularly useful and you don't see them listed here, please send the name of the resource, a link to its website, and a sentence describing what the resource is to Mark Baumgartner ( and we'll add it to the list.

  • R (advanced statistical package with programming environment)
  • Matlab (general processing, visualization, and analysis programming environment)
  • IDL (general processing, visualization, and analysis programming environment)
  • Octave (general processing, visualization, and analysis programming environment)
  • GMT (generic mapping tools)
  • Maxent (for handling presence-only data)
  • Biomapper (for handling presence-only data)
  • openModeller (for handling presence-only data)
  • MGET (Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools for working with spatially-explicit ecological and oceanographic data)
  • SDM (Species Distribution Modeling; see Hengl et al. [in press] in the References section)

Environmental data sources

In-situ data
National Oceanographic Data Center
National Data Buoy Center

Remotely-sensed data
JPL Data Archive (SST and sea surface height)
NOAA Coastwatch
NASA Ocean Color Web
ERD Satellite Data Browser

World Ocean Database and World Ocean Atlas

Ocean models
U.S. Navy Global Models
U.S. East Coast Regional Ocean Forecast Model

Static datasets
High-resolution bathymetry (ETOPO5, ETOPO2, SRTM30_PLUS)
U.S. National Geophysical Data Center (bathymetery)
U.S. National Geophysical Data Center (coastlines)
Digital Chart of the World (rivers)

Facilitating access to environmental data
Environmental Data Connector (GUI-based Thredds/OPeNDAP access with ArcGIS portal)
Xtract-o-matic (easy access to Coastwatch products for R, Matlab, and IDL)

Data formats



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