2011 Workshop

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Ecological Modeling for Marine Mammalogists

19th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals: Pre-conference Workshop
Saturday, November 26, 2011
Tampa Convention Center, 1st floor, Room 22/23
Tampa, Florida, USA

Mark Baumgartner (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA)
Dori Dick (Oregon State University, USA)
Elliott Hazen (NOAA Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratory, USA)
Ellen Hines (San Francisco State University, USA)
Kristin Laidre (University of Washington, USA)
Daniel Palacios (NOAA Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratory, USA)
Kathleen Vigness-Raposa (Marine Acoustics, Inc., USA)

Purpose of workshop
The "Ecological Modeling for Marine Mammalogists" workshop will follow on the successful 2009 workshop of the same name, and will represent the sixth Biennial workshop devoted to spatial modeling.  There is tremendous interest in applying statistical modeling techniques to the quantitative assessment of marine mammal distribution and habitat use, and our workshop seeks to explore both traditional and the latest methodologies.  Our goal is to bring together practitioners that can share their experience with various approaches to ecological modeling by addressing topics ranging from collecting data, selecting the appropriate model, evaluating the model’s results, and applying those results in a research or management context.  The workshop format will consist of formal presentations followed by discussions during which particular methodologies can be meaningfully explored by all participants.  We will also include a Project Forum wherein students and less experienced researchers can present their projects and discuss the statistical challenges they are facing with an expert panel.


Workshop Schedule

8:30  Welcome – Mark Baumgartner (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

8:40  Introductory session
9:20  Large scale modeling
10:10  Coffee break
11:10  Using ocean models
Lunch  12:40 - 2:00

2:00  Movement analysis
3:30 Poster forum & coffee break
  • "Modeling the habitat suitability of franciscana dolphin (Pontoporia blainvillei) along the Brazilian coast: a maximum entropy approach using presence-only data," Poupon, M, D. Danilewicz, E. Ferreira, E. Secchi, M.D. de O. Santos, P. Ott, I. Moreno, S. Siciliano, A. Zerbini, and A. Andriolo.
  • "Land-based studies of habitat selection by beaked whales: A new approach for the modelling of animal distribution," Arranz, P., N. Aguilar Soto, D.L. Borchers, M. Johnson, M., M. Bayona, and M.J. Cox
  • "Natal habitat imprinting as a possible explanation for genetic divergence in the Galapagos sea lion?," Jeglinski, J.W.E., J.B.W. Wolf, C. Werner³, D.P. Costa, and F. Trillmich.
  • "Yellowfin tuna as a predictor of ecosystem state in the eastern tropical Pacific," Martin, S.L. and L.T. Ballance
  • "Exploration of the seasonal movement and spatial use patterns of humpback and fin whales in the Gulf of Maine through combined modeling of systematic research and opportunistic data," Lubansky, T, G. Russell, and P. Stevick
  • "Distribution prediction of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins (Sousa chinensis) in Taiwan," Yeh, C.-H., L.-S. Chou, and P.-F. Lee
  • "Modeling Dall’s porpoise habitat preferences from acoustic presence/absence data," Fleming, A., T. Yack, S. Coates, and J. Barlow
  • "Using sea ice complexity indexes as a proxy to study marine mammal distribution in Antarctic sea ice," Garcia-Rojas, M.I.
  • "Forecasting changes in habitat use by bowhead whales in response to Arctic climate change: Integration of physical-biological models with satellite, biological survey and oceanographic data," Pendleton, D.
4:30 Workshop ends

* Please do not use presentation materials provided here without permission from the presenter.


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