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Shore-Side Operations

Since 1999, Rick Trask has headed up the shore-side operations for the Mooring Operations, Engineering and Field Support Group. This includes experiment design, budget preparation, mooring fabrication, and coordination of equipment available for loan. He is Manager of the Mooring & Rigging Group, which is comprised of Matthew Adams, Barbara Callahan, Andrew Davies, Joseph Fellows, Chris Ross and Ruthanne Molyneaux.

Rick has an extensive background in moored arrays. He has been involved with the mooring component specifications, materials testing, and the deployment and recovery of both surface and subsurface arrays. He is familiar with a broad range of moored oceanographic instrumentation. He has participated on more than 35 oceanographic cruises, most of which involved either mooring deployments or recoveries.

At-Sea Operations

John Kemp supervises and coordinates all activities associated with the Group’s involvement with cruise participation. In addition, he provides mooring design support for a variety of coastal and deep ocean moorings, logistics and supervises deck operations for all types of oceanographic programs. John supervises a group including Will Ostrom, Jim Ryder, Kris Newhall, Jim Dunn, Jeff Pietro, Steve Murphy and Eric Drange.

John actively participates in mooring deployment and recovery cruises, often having overall responsibility for logistics and at sea operations. He operates in capacities ranging from chief of deck operations to chief scientist and project PI. He has participated in over 150 oceanographic cruises totaling over 1,936 sea days, primarily associated with mooring deployments and recoveries. John has operated in most oceans in a broad range of latitudes from the equator to the arctic and on a large variety of vessels, both foreign and domestic.

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