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Concept for "Lab dashboard"

Imagine a web portal to all the critical systems of your lab; real-time and archived time-series data on the status of all your critical lab functions. Such monitoring processes include (but are not limited to):

* Cold storage temperature status (peace of mind)
* Fume hood status (safety + energy)
* Computer/Server status (with LAN activation)
* Video links (security + safety)
* Lighting (energy saving)
* Energy metering

Simple and inexpensive integrated sensors offer new possibilities for myriad applications. Access to critical information at your fingertips directly from your computer or smart-phone. Know and respond to time-sensitive events, or safety issues in your lab. Set up automated warnings by SMS or email regarding any event triggors such as failed safety equipment (fume hoods), or irreplaceable cold-storage sample archives, or constant temperature live cultures.

The only limit is your immagination.


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