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» Dyhrman Phytoplankton and Marine Biogeochemistry Laboratory

Genomics and proteomics of marine algae

  • Genome annotation of P metabolism in diazotrophs
  • Protein mapping in dinoflagellates, coccolithophores, and diazotrophs

Phosphorus biogeochemistry

  • Phosphorus availability and geochemistry in coastal systems.
  • Trace metal control of phosphorus bioavailability in oligotrophic systems
  • Phosphorus biogeochemistry in the Sargasso Sea

Nutritional physiology of marine phytoplankton

  • Phosphorus scavenging by field populations of diazotrophs
  • Coccolithophore stress responses

Harmful algal blooms

  • Quantitative molecular methods for monitoring physiology and abundance of toxic species
  • Dynamics of Alexandrium catenella in the Puget Sound

Artistic Oceanographer

  • Artistic Oceanographer program (AOP) is a hands-on effort with the goal of engaging 5th grade school students in ocean sciences through the pairing of science and art lessons.
  • Developed by Haley and Dyhrman and piloted in 2006 in Falmouth, Massachusetts, the program was created to teach students about the oceans, while adhering to existing state education standards.


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