Status of Action Items as of 2005

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Review Salaries of Women Scientists:    
  a. Salary Analysis of Scientific Staff Complete (pdf) July 16, 2001
  b. Review of Merit Increase Processes Complete (pdf) July 24 , 2001
2. Review of Space Allocations
Part of campus planning 
3. Attract and Retain Women on the Scientific Staff On-going  
4. Mentoring Activities:
  a. Scientific Staff Handbook Published (pdf) December 21, 2001
  b. Mentoring Committee Complete July 24, 2001
  c. Pilot mentoring Program Complete 2003-2004
  d. Mentoring Program Complete January 2005
5. Systems to Identify Why Candidates Decline Offers and Why Employees Leave WHOI:
  a. Candidate Inquiry System In Process  
  b. Exit Interview Program In Process  
6. Develop and Maintain Records on Internal Reward/Award
7. Guidelines on Bridge Support Complete April 6, 2001
8. Examine Distribution of all Hard Money Support In process  
9. Description and Definition of Discretionary Funds Complete April 6, 2001
10. Examination of Committee Participation Ratios In process  
11. Development Activities Report and Guidelines for Allocation of Support for these Activities Complete December 21, 2001
12. Increase the Number of Women in the Postdoc Applicant Pool - Report and Action Plan Complete (pdf) August 6, 2001

Progress Report on Postdoctoral Scholar Fellowship Action Plan Complete June 13, 2003
13. Initiation of Study Affecting Gender Climate in the Workplace

a. Climate Assessment Advisory Committee--Membership Charge
    Climate Assessment Advisory Committee--Report and Recommendation (A Retrospective)

Complete (pdf)
July 24, 2001
January 8, 2002
  b. Web Publication of Summary of 1988 Equity Climate Assessment Study Complete (pdf) April 6, 2001
  c. Gender Equity Program Advisory Committee Complete January 2004
14. Series of Talks Addressing Gender Equity Issues In process  

1. "Why So Slow? The Advancement of Women" by Dr. Virginia Valian

March 28, 2003
  2. Kathleen Crane, Author of "Sea Legs, Tales of a Woman
Complete June 27, 2003
  3. Nancy Hopkins, "MIT's Response to a Study of Women Faculty in Science at MIT" Complete December 21, 2004


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