Current Members

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Name Department Telephone Email Years of Service
Dan Lizarralde
G&G x2942 2011-present
Annette Govindarajan
Biology x3308 2015-present
Janet Fields APO x2950 2010-present
James Kinsey AOPE x3470 2013-present
Joel Llopiz Biology x3845 2012-present
Hanny Rivera Bio/JP Student rep. x3857 2014-present
Heidi Sosik Biology/co-chair 2004-2009 x2311 2004-present
Holly Moeller Postdoc Rep x3819 2015-present
Jed Goldstone Biology x4823 2015-present
Kathleen Benjamin HR x2705 2015-present
Leonora Fraser APO x2225 2015-present


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