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Postdoctoral Investigator
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Postdoctoral investigator Eric Mittelstaedt on field trip to Isabela Island, Galapagos.

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Claire Pontbriand (right)

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Sam Nakata on the coastal plain of Kilauea Volcano exploring a tumulus during field work in Summer 2009. (Adam Soule, WHOI)

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Field team on top of Mauna Kea Volcano during field work, Summer 2009 [from left: Sam Nakata (WHOI), Hannah Dietterich (U. Oregon), Einat Lev (LDEO, U. Columbia), Adam Soule (WHOI), Jess Robertson (ANU), Natalia Deligne (U. Oregon)] (K. Cashman, U. Oregon)


Visiting Student   Bridgit Boulahanis
Bridgit worked in the Soule lab as a visiting student on projects involving the textural analysis of MORB rocks. Bridgit is currently completing her BA at Hunter College in NYC.
Postdoctoral Fellow   Eric Mittelstaedt, PhD
Postdoctoral investigator Eric Mittelstaedt worked with Adam Soule and Dan Fornari at WHOI on plume-ridge interaction in the Galapagos. Eric is currently an Assistant Professor at Univeristy of Idaho.
PhD student   Claire Pontbriand, PhD
Claire Pontbriand completed her PhD in the WHOI/MIT Joint Program in 2012, co-advised by Rob Sohn and Adam Soule. Claire investigated volcanic processes at the ultraslow spreading Gakkel ridge from bathymetry and extensive seafloor photography and microseismicity at the TAG hydrothermal mound on the MAR. Claire is currently a scientist at AIR Worldwide Insurance.
Summer Student Fellow   Laura Stevens, BA
Laura Stevens  received her BA from Wellesley College and worked in the Soule lab on interpreting sidescan sonar, bathymetry, sub-bottom seismic data, and seafloor photography from the Guaymas Basin spreading center. Laura is currently an WHOI/MIT JP student working with Sarah Das and Mark Behn.
 Summer Student Fellow/MS student   Samantha Nakata, MS
Sam Nakata received a Masters from the WHOI/MIT Joint Program in 2010. Prior to joining the JP, Sam came to WHOI as a Summer Student Fellow and worked on volcanic deposition at the slow spreading Lucky Strike segment of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (37˚N). For her Masters, Sam investigated the degassing and vesiculation of a submarine lava flow at the East Pacific Rise. During her time at WHOI, Sam participated in a cruise to conduct sidescan sonar and seafloor photographic surveys at the Guaymas Basin, field studies on Mauna Loa volcano using ground-based lidar, and a cruise to the Godzilla Megamullion.
 Visiting Student   Thibaut Barreyre, PhD
Thibaut Barreyre came to WHOI as a visiting student from Ecole Normale Superiore in Paris, France. Thibaut conducted experiments to evaluate the settling velocity of volcaniclastic particles collected at the Gakkel Ridge, Axial Seamount, and Loihi Volcano. Thibaut used the results of those experiments as constraints in a numerical model of clast dispersal in a bouyant plume of water to evaluate the potential for explosive eruptions in the deep ocean. Thibaut is currently conducting his PhD research at IPGP under the direction of Javier Escartin.
 PhD student   Chris Waters, PhD
Chris Waters earned his PhD from the WHOI/MIT Joint Program in 2009. Chris was advised by Ken Sims and worked on U-series isotopes and geochemistry of MORB. Chris worked with me on relating U-series dating of MORB to models of volcanic accretion at the East Pacific Rise.
    Susan Schnur, MS
Susan earned her Masters in 2010 from ETH, Zurich under the direction of Gretchen Fruh-Greene and Ross Purves. I co-advised Susan remotely on a project investigating the automatic detection of faults from multibeam bathymetry data. Susan also helped on some research using ground-based lidar to map the porosity in pillow lava outcrops. Susan is now a PhD student at Oregon State University.
    Alison Fundis, MS
Alison Funid earned her Masters in 2010 from the University of Florida under the direction of Mike Perfit. I co-advised Alison on project investigating the surface morphology distribution of the submarine lava flows from the 2005-06 eruption of the East Pacific Rise (Fundis et al., 2010). Alison has sailed on numerous cruises and is currently the Education and Outreach Coordinater for the Ocean Observing Initiative Regional-scale Node at University of Washington.

Interested students and post-docs

Dr. Soule has many active research projects with opportunities for students and post-docs. If you are interested in marine geology, seafloor mapping, submarine volcanism, subaerial volcanism, or application of airborne- and ground-based lidar to volcanology contact Dr. Soule or visit the WHOI Academic Programs website.


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