Image Analysis and Visualization Group

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  • Sanjay Tiwari,  Research Specialist, Biology Department, WHOI.  Image Analysis
  • Lakshman Prasad, Staff Scientist, Space and Remote Sensing Divsion, LANL.  Image Analysis
  • Scott Gallager, Associate Scientist, Biology Department, WHOI.  Data Aquisition and Visualization
  • Rajan Gupta, Group Leader, High Energy Physics Division, LANL.  Image Analysis and Multiscale Visualization
  • Allen McPherson, Team Leader, Scientific Visualization Group, LANL.  Multiscale Visualization
  • Karen Fisher, Staff Scientist, LANL.  Image Analysis
  • Tanmoy Bhattacharya, Staff Scientist, High Energy Physics Division, LANL.  Image Analysis
  • Norman Vine,  Consultant, WHOI.  Multiscale Visualization


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