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OCB Scoping Workshop on GBF-OOI

(Global Biogeochemical Fluxes Program for the Ocean Observatories Initiative)

May 23 – 25, 2011

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


08:00       Continental Breakfast

08:30            Workshop Introduction: Goals and Format [Eglinton]

08:50            Plenary 1:  Scientific objectives and observational priorities of a GBF Program (Co-Chairs: K. Daly and C. Benitez-Nelson)

08:55            GBF-OOI Overview: Rationale, Objectives, and Design (S. Honjo)

09:25            Ocean Primary Productivity in a Changing Ocean (F. Chavez)

09:50            Integrating Remotely Sensed and Direct Observations of Surface Ocean Productivity and the Biological Pump (TBD)

10:15            Coffee break

10:30            Ocean Twilight Zone (K. Buesseler)

10:55            The Role of Deep Ocean Processes in Global Biogeochemical Cycles(C German)

11:20            Plenary 2: Modeling Primary Productivity and Biogeochemical Fluxes
(Co-Chair: A. Bracher and S. Dutkiewicz)

11:25            Measurements & Measurement Strategies (J. Dunne)

11:50            Oceanic Molecular Biological Models (TBD)

12:15            Community discussion
Feedback on GBF scientific objectives and observational priorities (e.g., principal elements/missing elements/processes)

12:45            Lunch


13:45            Plenary 3: The OOI and Prospects for a GBF Program (Co-Chairs, Eglinton and K. Daly)

14:00            OOI Overview: Focusing on GBF-Relevant Elements and Technological Capabilities (i.e. global, regional, coastal OOI program) (J. Delaney)

14:30            OOI Cyberinfrastructure: Data Acquisition, Synthesis, Broader Impacts and Public Outreach (O. Schofield)

15:00            Community Discussion
Potential time line for augmenting global OOI; agency funding outlook, etc.)

15:15            Coffee Break

15:30            Breakout Session 1:  GBF Measurements & Modeling

15:30            Charge

15:40            Breakout sessions 1-4

17:00            Dinner and Distinguished Lecture (TBD)


Tuesday A.M.

08:00       Continental Breakfast

08:30            Synthesis of Day 1 discussions (including breakout groups)

            08:40            Breakout 1
            08:50            Breakout 2
            09:00            Breakout 3
            09:10            Breakout 4

09:20            Plenary 4: GBF-OOI Technology (S. Honjo and K. Ulmer)

09:30            In Situ Measurements of Surface Ocean Productivity (C. Taylor]

09:55            Bio-Optics Technology (H. Sosik)

10:20            Emerging Technologies for Oceanic Molecular Biology (TBD)

10:45            Coffee Break

11:00            Zooplankton and Larger Organism Dynamics (TBD)

11:25            Particle Dynamics (TBD)

11:50            Community Discussion (or panel)
Discussion of existing and emerging sensor and platform technologies

12:15            Lunch


Tuesday P.M.


13:15            Breakout Session2: Technological discussion (sensor status) and feasibility of existing GBF mooring design

15:00            Coffee Break – or as needed

16:30            Reception

17:15             Dinner and Distinguished Lecture  (TBD)


Wednesday A.M.

08:30       Continental Breakfast

09:00            Synthesis of Day 2 Discussions (including breakout groups)

            09:15            Breakout 1
            09:30            Breakout 2
            09:45            Breakout 3
            10:00            Breakout 4

10:15            Wrap-Up and Discussion of Next Steps (OCB report & white paper)

12:00            Boxed Lunch and Adjourn

13:00            GBF-OOI Scientific Steering Committee Meeting


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