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Please complete this form to provide us with information to be included in our ship's scientific support proposal. If you have any questions, please contact Kerry Strom at (508) 289-3938 or kstrom@whoi.edu. Thank you.
Please note: In addition to this document we will also ask you to fill ou the Cruise Planning Questionniare to provide us with more details on your specific cruise.

General Information
Ex: 508-555-4011. Include extension if applicable.
Please use hyphens only, no "+" or "( )" characters.
Equipment required for a cruise on:
 R/V Atlantis  R/V Neil Armstrong 
Program Title:
WHOI Ship Equipment
Please check off the equipment you will require for your 2006 cruise. See the following sites for reference.
- R/V Atlantis scientific instrumentation
- R/V Knorr scientific instrumentation
- R/V Oceanus scientitfic instrumentation
- Shared use equipment
- Ocean Instruments

CTD/Water Sampling (more info)
911+ Rosette 24-position, 10-liter bottle Rosette with dual T/C sensors
Seapoint STM turbidity sensor
SBE43 oxygen sensor
Wet Labs ECO-AFL fluorometer
Wet Labs C*Star transmissometer (660nm wavelength)
Biospherical underwater PAR (1000m depth limit)
Biospherical surface PAR (connects to SBE11+ deck unit)
CTD-Related Equipment
Lowered Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (LADCP)
Shipboard Equipment
Bathymetry System:  12 kHz  3.5 kHz
75 kHz ADCP
Deionized Water
Fume Hood
-70 Freezer
XBT System
Towed Magnetometer
12 kHz Pinger for Wire Use
Relay Transponder for Wire Use
SeaNet (Oceanus)
Highseas Net (Atlantis and Knorr only)
Towed Video Plankton Recorder
Deck equipment and Vans
Isotope Van (required if using isotopes)
Other Vans - Type:
Mooring Deployment/Recovery Equipment
Winches - Type:
Nets - Type:
Sediment Sampling
Piston corers
Gravity corers
Multi- core
Rock dredges
Box corer
Hydrographic Analysis Equipment
Dissolved Oxygen Titration System (Portable modified Winkler titration system)
Salt Bottles (available in 125ml and 250ml sizes)
Oxygen Sample Bottles (available in 200ml sizes)
Hydrographic Van, 20 ft.
Van is outfitted for providing a temperature controlled environment for salinity and oxygen analysis at sea.
Specialized tech support (Seabeam, coring, other)
Other required equipment and special needs


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