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Modeling and Synthesis of Southern Ocean Natural Iron Fertilization Workshop
June 27-29, 2011

Clark Laboratory 507, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Woods Hole, Massachusetts

 Sunday June 26

18:00-21:00 Icebreaker, Matt Charette's House, 11 Gregory Lane, Falmouth MA 02540, 508-540-0005 (Light supper will be served)

Transportation will be provided from the Sands of Time Hotel

Shuttle will depart at 6 p.m., will circle several times to get everyone, driver’s cell phone is 508-962-6815 if you arrive late and need a ride.

Monday June 27

7:30      Continental Breakfast

             (Hang Posters)

8:30      Introductory Remarks and Announcements

             Meng Zhou, University of Massachusetts (USA)

8:45      Plenary Session 1. Overview of Process Studies and Modeling

             Chair: Matt Charette, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (USA)               

8:45      Ocean Iron Fertilization

             Hein de Baar, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (Netherlands)

9:15      Overview of the KEOPS Natural Iron Fertilization Study

             Stephane Blain, Laboratoire d’Océanographie Microbienne (France)

9:45      Overview of the CROZEX Natural Iron Fertilization Study

             Richard Sanders, National Oceanography Centre (UK)

10:15    Break

10:45    Overview of the Southern Scotia Sea Natural Iron Fertilization Study

             Meng Zhou, University of Massachusetts (USA)

11:15    Insights into the Spatio-temporal Variability in Natural Iron Fertilization

             Alessandro Tagliabue, University of Cape Town (South Africa)

11:45    FeCycle II: Quantifying the Cycling of Fe and C During a Spring Diatom Bloom

             Ben Twining, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences (USA)

12:15    Lunch

13:30    Plenary Session 2. Physical Oceanographic Processes

             Chair: Meng Zhou, University of Massachusetts (USA)

13:30    Physical Processes Governing Natural Iron Fertilization in the Southern Drake Passage

             Sarah Gille, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (USA)

13:50    Roles of Iron and Light in Limiting Phytoplankton in Island Blooms and the Wider Southern Ocean

             Hugh Venables, British Antarctic Survey (UK)

14:10    The Role of Ocean Mixing in Southern Ocean Iron-fueled Phytoplankton Blooms:

             Insight from Radium Isotopes

             Matt Charette, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (USA)

14:30    Plenary Session 3. Chemical Distributions and Fluxes

             Chair: Rob Sherrell, Rutgers University (USA)

14:30    Potential Role of Particulate Forms of Fe in Island Fertilization in the Southern Ocean

             Peter Statham, University of Southampton (UK)

14:50    Natural Iron Fertilization around Elephant Island: Sources and Systematics of the Added Fe

             Chris Measures, University of Hawaii (USA)                                           

15:10    Export Flux Dynamics during Natural Iron Fertilization: A Synthesis

             Paul Morris, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (USA)

15:30    Break

16:00    Plenary Session 4. Biological Response     

             Chair: Karen Selph, University of Hawaii (USA)

16:00    Natural Iron Fertilization above the Kerguelen Plateau (Southern Ocean): Impact on Carbon Remineralization by the Microbial Food Web

             Ingrid Obernosterer, Laboratoire d’Océanographie Microbienne (France)

16:20    Natural Iron Fertilisation: Extrapolating the General from the Specific?

             Mark Moore, National Oceanography Centre (UK)

16:40    Natural vs. Artificial Pelagic Iron Fertilizations and the Structure of Planktonic Communities in High Nutrients Environments of the Southern Ocean

             Bernard Queguiner, Laboratoire d'Oceanographie Physique et Biogeochimique (France)

17:00-19:00    Reception and Poster Session (with hors d’oeuvre and drinks sponsored by WHOI Director’s Office)

Tuesday June 28

8:00      Continental Breakfast

9:00      Plenary: Organization and Charge of Disciplinary Working Groups

             Richard Sanders, National Oceanography Centre (UK)

             (suggestion Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

9:30      Disciplinary Working Group Discussions: Iron Sources and Sinks

10:15    Break

10:45    Disciplinary Working Group Discussions: Food Web Impacts

12:00    Lunch

13:30    Plenary: Disciplinary Working Group Reports by Working Group Chairs:
Role of Particulate Iron

Process Study Design

15:00    Break

15:30    Plenary: Organization and Charge of Interdisciplinary Working Groups

             Meng Zhou, University of Massachusetts (USA)

16:00    Interdisciplinary Working Group Discussions

17:00    2-minute Student Introductions and Poster Session (continued)


18:00-21:00    Conference dinner (Co-sponsored by WHOI Director’s Office)

             Fenno Patio or inside Buttery in case of rain


Wednesday June 29

8:00      Continental Breakfast

9:00      Plenary: Interdisciplinary Working Group Reports by Working Group Chairs Beyond the Southern Ocean

Sequestration Efficiency                        

10:30    Break                                                          

11:00    Plenary: Closing remarks                      

             Matt Charette, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (USA)

11:30    Take-away lunch


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