About Telecommunications

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About Telecommunications

The Telecommunications Support Team provides integrated telephone support service across Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution campus. This involves installation and maintenance of all campus VoIP telephones; analog faxes, analog telephones and analog modems; ISDN (for video conference); voicemail services; polycoms.

The team also provides: switchboard operators; monitors building alarms; operates one and two way paging systems; processes 911 calls and dispatches WHOI First Responder personnel. At present there are 48 external server channels; 800 access to voice lines and the remote access server; 3000 internal phones lines for voice, fax, and modems, and 950 voice mailboxes.

We are located at 86 Water Street in the Village of Woods Hole, Massachusetts 02543.

Telecommunications Staff

Sandy Tynan, Telecommunications Coordinator, 508.289.2899

Brenda Rowell, Sr. Telecom. Operator./Dispatcher/Receptionist, 508.289.3158

Tim Meissner, Sr. Telecom. Operator./Dispatcher/Receptionist, 508.289.3159

Switchboard Desk: 508.289.2251

Network Group Staff - Provides repair & maintenance services for all Telecommunication's end devices

Hartley Hoskins, Network Group Leader, 508.289.2580

Al Kuntz, Info. Systems Asst. III, 508.289.2861

Alicia Rose, Info. Systems Asst. III, 508.289.2443

Matt Yorston, Info. Systems Asst. III, 508.289.3830

Fax, Smith Lobby: 508.457.2195
Mail Stop #20, Smith Lobby
e-mail: telecom@whoi.edu


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