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Cell Phone Service is supplied at WHOI by AT & T and Verizon. Your choice of vendor should be determined by your area of use and the coverage in that area by the vendor.

Both vendors extend courtesy rates to employees for personal use, and have the ability to do Summary Billing, and, on an as needed basis, the local vendor store can provide you with products and training.

WHOI Contacts

New Service & Biling Information
Veta Green
508.289.2376 Email: vgreene@whoi.edu. Manages new cellphone services for both AT&T and Verizon.  For more info see Procurement web page

Cell Phone Technical Information
For questions, please contact:

Sandy Tynan 508.289.2899 Email: stynan@whoi.edu

Selecting Your Cell Phone

Things to consider:
  • Where and how will you use the cellphone?
  • Connectivity: what do you need?
  • Does the model of phone match your intended choice of plan / services?

Links for our vendors to select your phone and rate plan


Now enter:
“Rate Plans”
Enter 02543 in "zip code"


Enter your email address to verify eligibility. Verizon will then email you a link that you must reply to in order to set up your account.  If you have any questions, please contact:

Elizabeth V. Zisserson
Field Account Manager, Business Channel
Southeastern Massachusetts
Mobile: (617) 519-8650
EFax: (617) 780-3571

Order Process

Once your selections have been made, please email the following information to both Veta Green vgreen@whoi.edu and Sandy Tynan stynanwhoi.edu 
  • Username of cell phone
  • Indicate if it's new or existing cell
  • Type of plan
  • Vendor
  • Project / Cost Center #

And lastly, please send a CC to whom ever handles your budget authorization:


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