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VoIP telephone and voice mail system

WHOI has completed the installation of the new VoIP PBX system as of January 2013. The old Nortel System was dismantled and recycled. The new technology includes the two open source software systems Asterisk and Openser. They interface with each other and the local Verizon carriers.

There are two Asterisk machines working with the Verizon Carriers. One Asterisk system serves our voicemail and applications infrastructure. And the Openser system works as our local PBX and SIP Server.

The end devices such as the SNOM phones 360 and 821, plus the polycoms and all the ATA devices that convert analog signals to data signals, are carried over the WHOI network that also services all servers, computers and other WHOI devices.

These analog and voice devices are a part of the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. You may also use soft-phone applications on your computer to communicate with our VoIP phones or other soft phones off-campus via the T1 connections. We are in the process of developing our SIP Trunking capabilities so that all voice, data and video may travel over the internet.

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