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Incoming Callsto WHOI Auto Attendant

Calls to any WHOI extension using the 289 exchange are direct dialed numbers and do not go through an auto-attendant but are routed directly to the recipient's telephone.

However, calls to 508-548-1400 are answered by an auto-attendant with a menu selection of choices to choose from.  Press:
  1. If you know the extension
  2. Exhibit Center
  3. WHOI Information Office
  4. MBL - WHOI Library
  5. Departmental Listings
  6. Need Help or Stay on the Line
  7. Hear the Menu again


Incoming Calls to WHOI Services Menu

The WHOI Services Menu, extension 3001, connects you to a selection of various services at WHOI without having to remember or look up numbers. The services stored in this menu to date are the following:

  • 1.  Employee Information Line
  • 2.  CIS Help Desk
  • 3.  Voicemail Message Deletion Center
  • 4.  Ship Information Services
  • 5.  Reimbursement and Travel Services
  • 6.  Stock Room
  • 7.  Auto Attendant (sub-menu)
    • 1.  Know the Extension
    • 2.  WHOI Ocean Science Exhibit Center
    • 3.  WHOI Information Office
    • 4.  MBL WHOI Library
    • 5.  WHOI Departmental Listings
    • 6.  Help
    • 7.  Hear Menu Again
  • 8.  To Hear Menu Again

If you ever have any other questions regarding your phones, please feel free to call Sandy Tynan ext 2899, Isabel Penman ext 2251 or Brenda Rowell on the Switchboard.

Outgoing Local Calls

Local calls:  9-xxx(area code 508 or 774)-xxx-xxxx includes the local dialing exchanges for Falmouth, Cataumet, Mashpee, and Osterville (274, 289, 292, 296, 299, 356, 388, 392, 403, 419, 420, 428, 444, 445, 457, 477, 495, 539, 524, 540, 548, 563, 564, 566, 648, 777, 891, 968).

Toll-free calls:  9-1-800-xxx-xxxx

900 calls:  Must be placed by Switchboard Attendant

MIT Calls

Place calls to MIT conventionally by dialing the full 10-digit phone number:  9-1-617-253-1000 and your billing code.  NOT TOLL-FREE.

If you have questions, contact Hartley Hoskins, at x2580.

Long Distance calls

Within area code 508 and other area codes in United States (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, and Atlantic and Caribbean Islands);

9 - 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx - at the broken dial tone or voice prompt enter your four digit billing code.   *Personal long distance calls are the responsibility of the employees.

Credit Card Calls

To use calling cards for calls within the U.S. dial the appropriate access number below and follow the verbal instructions.  International credit card calls must go through the WHOI switchboard attendant.

            AT&T ---------------------------------- 1-800-225-5288

            MCI ------------------------------------ 1-800-888-8000

            SPRINT ------------------------------- 1-800-877-8000

            VERIZON ---------------------------- 1-800-546-9639

International long distance direct dialing (including INMARSAT to ships)

9 - 011 one to three digit country code & city code (if any) & number & second pause & broken dial tone & press checkmark button & enter four digit billing code
The number of digits for overseas calls varies from 16 to 22.  The switch uses a six-second pause after your last digit as the cue that your dialing sequence is complete and then prompts you for our billing code. 

After entering the billing code, it takes five to fifteen seconds before ringing is heard. 

Do not confuse the overseas "double ring" with the fast busy tone.

Directory Assistance

Directory Assistance: ($1.25 to $2.50) (for area 508 and 617 information including information for other area codes)

 9 - 1 XXX -555-1212 - broken dial tone - four digit billing code

To save cost try using on-line directory information at or by Verizon Switchboard is a wholly owned subsidiary of InfoSpace

Note:  There is a $6.95 or $7.95 charge for overseas directory assistance.  This call must be placed by the WHOI switchboard attendant.


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