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This Website is intended to keep the WHOI community informed about the general relief efforts and needs for victims of Hurricane Katrina. We are keeping in contact with employees, students, and postdocs at affected colleges and universities, marine laboratories, marine related organizations (e.g. the J. L Scott Aquarium in Mississippi that has been severely damaged), and state and federal marine research organizations. On this Website, and by other means, we'll pass on to the WHOI community how we, as individuals and collectively as the Institution,  might address short- and long-term needs. 

This Website is maintained by Stephanie Murphy, WHOI Information Office, 508 289-2271, samurphy@whoi.edu.

9/8/05 Update

The Cape Cod Times reported that the first plane carrying 111 people--many sick and elderly--from the Gulf coast arrived at Otis Air Force Base Thursday.  Two more planes are expected later.

The Salvation Army is coordinating donation efforts in Falmouth through the Falmouth Service Center. Requested items are similar to those requested by the Naval Research Laboratory/Stennis Space Center. They include:
New Clothing
New Personal Care Items/Toiletries
Bottled Water

Items donated at the WHOI drop boxes in Clark, Redfield, and Smith will be sent to Stennis Space Center and brought to the Falmouth Service Center for the new arrivals at Otis Air Force Base.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are donating clothing, please put warm weather clothing and cold weather clothing in separate bags/boxes and clearly label them. This will make shipping them to the appropriate locations a lot easier.


We share the sorrow of the people of southern Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana who have suffered so greatly in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and we are eager to help in whatever way we can. The Institution has been contacted by our colleagues at the Naval Research Laboratory/Stennis Space Center, who have experienced catastrophic losses of loved ones and of property. Their homes have been destroyed, severely damaged or made uninhabitable, and many have lost all of their possessions. They need our help now.

Here's what is needed:

• Clean, machine washable men's, women's and children's clothing suitable for a hot summer climate.  No dry cleanable items.
• New underwear and socks for men, women, and children
• Blankets, sheets, pillows, towels
• Personal hygiene items including soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, disposable razors, shaving cream, deodorant, combs, brushes, etc.
• Baby wipes, disposable diapers, laundry detergent, and liquid hand disinfectant
• Non-perishable foods

To get these needed items to Stennis as swiftly as possible, the Institution will package and ship donations made by WHOI staff. Donation drop boxes will be placed in Clark, Redfield, and Smith by the end of the day Thursday, September 8.  Please do whatever you can to help.

9/6/05 Memo

The WHOI senior administration began discussion over the Labor Day weekend about how the Institution might assist colleagues, graduate students and postdocs at research institutions, federal labs, and universities in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. Some universities may be closed for months, and some federal laboratories may have sustained significant damage.

Director and President Bob Gagosian met Tuesday with deans and directors from several other oceanographic institutions and discussed having the Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education (CORE) coordinate offers of assistance for marine science graduate students, postdocs, faculty and scientists who may need a place to stay and set up temporary research efforts. We are assessing the availability of student and guest housing at WHOI as well as inquiring into who could temporarily (weeks to months) accommodate additional people in WHOI labs and offices. There may be additional ways WHOI can assist those in need through, for instance, the donation of books, journals, and research equipment. Please forward other ideas or offers of help to Jim Luyten (jluyten@whoi.edu) who will be our contact point with CORE.  We are also coordinating with other Woods Hole scientific organizations in the effort to determine available offices, laboratories, and housing (e.g., MBL) and scientific information and research response (e.g., USGS).

The Institution is also looking into how it might reach out locally to aid the approximately 2500 individuals from the Gulf coast who will be housed temporarily at Otis Air Base. We will be coordinating assistance with other Woods Hole-based research institutions when we have details on the specific needs of those who are just arriving. The Institution will establish collection points for donations of clothing and non-perishable foods. Ideas on how we can help in the local community can be sent to hurricanehelp@whoi.edu.

The Institution encourages those who want to make cash donations to do so through the established relief agencies. See "Related Links" section for links aid organizations.


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