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Molecular Biology of Biogeochemistry Workshop
Wilshire Grand Hotel, Los Angeles, CA
November 8-10, 2010

Monday, November 8
730 Breakfast
845 Introduction - Jim Moffett
915 Mak Saito - CoFeMug an integrated Biogeochemical Section
945 Bob Morris  - CoFEMug proteomics
1015 Break
1030 Adam Martiny - Relating genotypic diversity to specific chemical and physical parameters
1100 Eric Webb - Functional genomics:  Controls on Trichodesmium N fixation
1130 Jed Fuhrman - Whole microbial community structure, from viruses to protists, and their interactions
1200 Lunch
1300 Ginger Armbrust - Functional Genomics II Probing controls on C fixation by eukaryotes
1330 Bethany Jenkins - Eukaryotes and Fe
1400 Karla Heidelberg -  Eukaryote genomics and metagenomics
1430 Bess Ward - Molecular and geochemical tools combined to study the N cycle in OMZs
1500 Break
1545 Steve Giovanonni – Sar11 genomics and proteomics  - focus on the processes and genes
1615 Dave Hutchins - Role of molecular biology in assessing the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems
1645 Plenary Discussion Breakout Section for Tues AM. Discussion Leader: Jim Moffett
Breakout Theme I: Identifying and prioritizing what properties of microbial assemblages we need to characterize to compliment chemical measurements within the framework of a sectional survey program.   
  1. Nutrient/micronutrient limitation of large phytoplankton that are important in C export (Arrigo, Armbrust)
  2. Physical and chemical controls on the N cycle, including chemoautotrophy (Ward, Ingalls)
  3. Evolution of functional groups across physical and chemical gradients (Martiny, Webb) 
  4. Physical and chemical determinants of overall change in microbial community structure (Fuhrman, Giovanonni).
1800 Meeting Adjourns
Tuesday, November 9
0730 Breakfast
0830 Breakout Groups Meet
1000 Break
1030 Plenary session Reports from Prioritization of Parameters Groups 
1100 Plenary Discussion  Assembling an array of parameters to measure on a section  Discussion Leader:  Bob Anderson
1200 Lunch
1300 Plenary Session Organize Breakout Groups
Discussion Leader: Eric Webb
Theme II  Critical Evaluation of Tools
  1. Metagenomics (Heidelberg)
  2. Gene expression (Webb, Allen)
  3. Proteomics (Saito, Morris)
  4. Phylogenetics (Fuhrman)
1330 Breakout Groups Meet
1500 Break
1530 Breakout Groups Report
1600 Plenary Discussion (continued) Assembling an array of specific tools to measure on a section
Discussion Leader: Bess Ward
1730 Organize Wed AM Breakout Groups Planning and Logistics of a Field Campaign
Theme III  Implementation of a field program
Integration with GEOTRACES and other programs (Priorities)  (Anderson, Van Mooy)
Integration with GEOTRACES and other programs (Logistics)  (Moffett, Morris)
Data Synthesis and Interpretation (Martiny, Pearson)
Validation of molecular tools – Priorities and Timeline (Fuhrman, Ward)
1800 Meeting Adjourns
1900 Group Dinner
Wednesday, November 10
0730 Breakfast
0830 Breakout Groups Meet
1015 Break
1045 Plenary Group Reports  and draft sampling plan for an actual section
Discussion Leader:  Jim Moffett
1215 Lunch
1300 Plenary Discussion  What major science issues need to be addressed to fund a stand-alone program?  Trophic issues?  Genomic data for more prevailing species?
Discussion Leader: Kevin Arrigo
1500 Workshop Ends
1530 Steering Committee Meets


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