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If you are requesting use of the WHOI ROV Drill System, please complete this online form and budget worksheet. Someone will contact you in a few days to follow up on your request. Thank you.

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General Information


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or province:


USA residents please leave this field blank.

Postal Code



Ex: 508-555-4011. Include extension if applicable.
Please use hyphens only, no "+" or "( )" characters.


Brief description of planned ROV Drill System work:

Note: (include types of lithologies to be drilled and whether holes are to be instrumented)

Expected cruise dates:

Proposed start/end ports:

Proposed vessel name:

Proposal title:

Funding Agency to which proposal was submitted:

Tentative ROV Drill System Budget Calculator

Thefollowing information will allow us to calculate a tentative budgetthat will be emailed back to you within a few days of receipt. Thiswill serve as a starting point for your proposal planning anddiscussions regarding use of the system for your field work. If youhave questions regarding the requested information please contact D.Fornari (, (508) 289-2857) or M. Tivey (, (508) 289-2265).

1. Number of proposed Drill System Deployments: 

2. Number of days at sea, include 4 days total port time: 

3. Insurance ($700/month)

4. Mob/demob costs (TBD, depending on ports and logistics)

For questions regarding this online form contact Dina Pandya (, (508) 289-3754).

Thank you for your interest in the WHOI ROV Drill System.


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