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Robert S. Detrick, Jr.

Senior Scientist
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Clark, Mail Stop #22
Woods Hole, MA 02543
Tel:  508 289-3335
Fax:  508 457-2185

Ph.D. 1978 Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Marine Geophysics)
M.S. 1974 University of California, San Diego/Scripps Institution of Oceanography (Marine Geology)
B.S. 1971 Lehigh University (Geology/Physics)

Professional History
2004-present Vice President for Marine Facilities and Operations, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
1991-present Senior Scientist, Dept. of Geology and Geophysics, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution - J. Seward Johnson Chair (1993-1999)
1999-2004 Chair, Dept. of Geology and Geophysics, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
1987-1991 Professor, Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island
1983-1987 Associate Professor (tenured), Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island
1979-1983 Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Oceanography, Univ. of Rhode Island
1978-1979 Post-doctoral research investigator, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
1974-1975 Exploration Geophysicist, Standard Oil Company of California, San Francisco, CA

Teaching Activities
I have served, or am serving, as major professor for the following students:
Marie Cormier, M.S., 1/84
Deborah Hutchinson, Ph.D., 12/84
Lewis Abrams, M.S., 5/87
John Madsen, Ph.D., 12/88
Norbert Schulz, M.S., 12/88
Beth Rees, M.S., 7/91
Ellen Morris, Ph.D., 11/91
Emilie Hooft, Ph.D., 12/96
Laura Magde, Ph.D., 3/97
Stefan Hussenoeder, Ph.D., 7/98
Emily Van Ark, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral advisor: Graham Kent, Juan Pablo Canales, Andrew Barclay, Aibing Li

MIT/WHOI Joint Program classes taught or co-taught:
12.710 Marine Geology & Geophysics I
12.711 Marine Geology & Geophysics II
12.712 Advanced Marine Seismology

Professional Service
Chair, Access to the Sea Task Force (2004)
Chair, Department of Geology and Geophysics (1999-2004)
Chair, WHOI Education Review Committee (1995)
Member, WHOI Appointments and Promotions Council (1999- present)
Member, WHOI Senior Scientist Executive Committee (1995-1998)
Educational Coordinator, Geology & Geophysics Department (1993-1999)
MIT/WHOI Joint Committee for MG&G (1992-1993; ex-offico 1994-1999)
MIT/WHOI Joint Program Admissions Committee (1992-1993; 1997-1999)

Professional Society Memberships:
American Geophysical Union (Fellow)
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi; Tau Beta Pi

Other Professional Service:
Chair, ORION Executive Steering Committee (2005-present)
Chair, AGU Bowie Medal Committee (2004-present; member 2000-2001)
Member, NSF Geosciences Advisory Committee (Chair 2004-2005; member since 2002)
Member, JOI Board of Governors (Chair, 2002-2004; member since 1995)
Member, IODP-MI Board of Governors (2003-present)
Member, OBSIP Management Committee (Chair, 2000; 2003-2004; member since 2000)
Member, 1201 Group Board of Managers (2004-present)
Member, IRIS Global Seismic network Committee (2005-present)

President, AGU Tectonophysics Section (1998-2000)
Chair, RIDGE Steering Committee (1992-1995); Member (1987-1995)
Chair, IODP Science Plan Review Committee (1999)
Chair, JOIDES Lithosphere Panel (1986-1988)
Chair, JOIDES Sedimented Ridge Detailed Planning Group (1989)
Chair, AGU Ewing Award Committee (1994-1995)
Chair, JOI BoG Management Oversight Committee (2000-2001)
Chair, Committee of Visitors, NSF Ocean Sciences Division (June 2003)
Chair, NAS/NRC Committee on Implementation of Ocean Observatories (2002-2003)
Vice-Chair, NAS/NRC Study Comm. on Seafloor Observatories (1999-2000)
Co-Chair, RIDGE Crustal Accretion Variables Working Group (1989)
Member, JOIDES EXCOM (Chair 1996-1998; Member 1995-2003)
Member, DEOS Ocean Observatory Steering Committee (2000-2003)
Member, IRIS Data Management Steering Committee (2000-2003)
Member, AGU Executive Committee (1998-2000)
Member, NSF Ocean Sciences Decadal Science Planning Committee (1998-2000)
Member, Steering Committee for RIDGE 2000 Meeting (1999)
Member, NSF Office of Polar Programs Advisory Committee (1998-1999)
Member, DEOS Steering Committee (1996-2000)
Member, AGU Fellows Committee (1996-1998)
Member, Ocean Studies Board/Navy Panel (1992-1994)
Member, JOI/USSAC Committee (1991-1993)
Member, National Academy of Sciences, Ocean Studies Board (1989-1992)
Member, NSF Oceanography Review Panels (1980, 1981, 1982, 1990)
Member, JOIDES, Site Survey Panel (1983-1984); EPR Working Group (1988)
Associate Editor, Journal of Geophysical Research (1983-1985)

A.G. Huntsman Medal (Bedford Institute of Oceanography), 1996
Elected Fellow of American Geophysical Union, 1994

Research Interests
Seismic structure of oceanic crust; mid-ocean ridge processes
Hotspot-ridge interactions; dynamics of oceanic upper mantle

Cruise Experience (28 cruises; 17 as Chief Scientist or Co-Chief Scientist)
1972 Galapagos Deep Tow Survey, R/V Thomas Washington
1973 Project FAMOUS Deep-Tow Survey, R/V Knorr
1974 Siqueiros Fracture Zone OBS Study, R/V Thomas Washington
1976 Banda Sea Expedition, R/V Atlantis II
1977 Kane Fracture Zone OBH Refraction Study, R/V Atlantis II
1980* Hawaiian Swell Heat Flow Experiment, R/V Atlantis II
1981 North Atlantic Transect 2-ship MCS Experiment, R/V Moore and S/N Prospekta
1982* Kane Fracture Zone OBH Refraction Study, R/W Knorr
1982* Rough/Smooth Boundary Seismic Reflection Study, R/V Endeavor
1983* Seismic Intercalibration Experiment, R/V Endeavor
1984* Site Survey of Potential Drill Sites at the Kane Fracture Zone, R/V Conrad
1985* Northern EPR MCS Experiment, R/V Conrad and R/V Thomas Washington
1985 ODP Leg 106, JOIDES Resolution
1986* Hawaiian Swell Heat Flow Experiment II, R/V Mona Wave
1987* Blake-Spur Fracture Zone MCS Experiment, R/V Conrad and RSS Discovery
1988* Seismic Stratigraphy of Hawaiian Flexural Moat, R/V Thomas Washington
1989* MARK Area Reconnaissance MCS Survey, R/V Conrad
1991* Southern EPR MSC Experiment, R/V Ewing and R/V Thomas Washington
1991 Mid-Atlantic Ridge U.S./French Survey, l'Atalante
1992 Marquesas OBS experiment, R/V Maurice Ewing
1994* Hole 504B OBS experiment, R/V Maurice Ewing
1995 MELT Leg 1, R/V Melville
1996 Cocos-Nazca Multibeam Survey, R/V Hespirades
1996* Mid-Atlantic Ridge Bullseye Seismic Experiment, R/V Maurice Ewing
1997* EPR Seismic Undershoot Experiment, R/V Maurice Ewing
2000* Galapagos Spreading Center-Plume-Ridge Interaction, R/V Maurice Ewing
2001* Pilot Study of the Tjornes FZ, Northern Iceland, R/V Bjarni Saemundsson
2002* Juan de Fuca MCS Experiment, R/V Maurice Ewing
2003* Iceland/Tjornes FZ, R/V Bjarni Saemundson; R/V Baldur
2005* Nootka Fault Mooring Recovery, R/V Thomas Thompson

*Chief scientist or co-chief scientist


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