review and organizational meeting. January 31, 2006

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The next Marine Policy Discussion Group meeting will be:

Tuesday January 31
Clark 509 (the small room in back of the 5th floor)
As always, pizza, beer, and soda will be provided.

The goal of this session will be to review what we've learned so far about marine policy, and then to discuss where we should go from here and how we should get there. If you have any time, perhaps you could come prepared to discuss the following questions:

1. Are you enjoying the seminars, and what do you think is the best format for our meetings?

2. What have you learned so far about policy?

3. What more would you like to know? What specific topics should we cover next?

Hope to see you there!

Gareth and Jonathan

At this meeting, we asked people what they get out of attending the MPDG meetings? They answered:

- To learn other ways to look at science and how the world works.
- To contrast sources of political power, there is power in representing a constituency, and power from knowledge of a state of affairs.  Scientists contribute to the political process through the latter.
- Contrast how scientists bring facts together to make an argument with the approach of academics in the social sciences and humanities,
- Learning about how process, for example, permitting a wind farm, actually works.  It mitigates one’s frustration with environmental policy outcomes and encourages us as scientists to keep some involvement in policy.

New ideas for session topics.

We came up with some new ideas for discussion sessions at the organizational meeting.  First, we thought to have a policy oriented discussion with applications in marine science, for example on the precautionary principle or the tragedy of the commons.  Second, we thought we should have a session on global warming, and Andy Solow suggested to invite an expert like William Nordhaus.  Finally, we planned the panel discussion on the role of oceanographers in marine policy that has been scheduled for April 4th.


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