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WHOI retains copyright to all images within WHOI ImageSource unless otherwise specified.  See "Terms and Conditions" for more information.

Help with image formats, sizes, quality or printing:
The Graphics Department can assist you in formatting images for specific purposes such as Powerpoint slides or posters.  Graphics can edit or improve the quality of most digital images. 

Providing images to persons or organizations outside of WHOI:
Contact Media Relations for assistance in providing images to textbook publishers, film makers, newspaper reporters, magazine editors or any news or entertainment outlet.

Most images are provided gratis to news and scientific organizations or publications.  All revenue generated from the licensing of images is returned to the WHOI General Fund and used to support WHOI science.

Submersible and vehicle data:
Alvin and Jason scientific data are approximate.  Obtaining accurate position data deep in the ocean is difficult and latitude, longitude, heading and altitude data should be considered approximate.  Effort will be made to include post-processed data when available.

Submitting images:
All WHOI related images are candidates for inclusion in WHOI ImageSource.  Contact for more information on how to contribute images.

Usage information:
In an effort to track the various places and ways WHOI images are used, the ImageSource prompts you for this information before downloading an image.  Detailed information such as URLs, publication titles, presentation titles and conference titles are helpful in prioritizing images to be included in the future and what format options to make available.  Your assistance is appreciated. 


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