The Journey to Antarctica

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The Journey to McMurdo (New pix added!)
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Journey to the Bottom of the World

January 18th, 2009
Dear Students,                         
We arrived in Antarctica at McMurdo station on Friday afternoon from New Zealand.  It was an impressive flight down.  In exchange for assistance from the US last year, the country of Australia is helping Americans fly down to Antarctica in their new Airbus jet plane.  Compared to our previous trips down by ship which took almost two weeks (13 days) or by military propeller plane, the 5 hour flight was great.

Let me tell you a little about our group.  There are three of us from Woods Hole, Massachusetts: myself, Erin, and Dawn.  Then there are two of us from California, Andy and Jeff.  I'll send a picture along with our science party in front of the airplane, with Dawn, Erin, Andy, Jeff, and Mak from left to right.  Also, your flat Boulevarders have been through Los Angeles California and Sydney Australia on their way to Antarctica - see pictures as well.

We've been unpacking and getting our lab setup and meeting with people over the weekend.  Tommorow we begin sea ice training, then on Tuesday and Wednesday we have camping training on the ice, where we'll build igloos and sleep outside.
Best Wishes,


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