The Journey to New Zealand

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Mak set out from WHOI, drove to Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts.  There, he boarded a plane to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport in Texas, then he took another plane to Los Angeles, California.

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Mak and the Flats took a very long flight from Los Angeles, CA to Sydney, Astralia-- over the vast Pacific Ocean. Then, they took another flight from Syndey to Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Once in Christchurch, Mak, the Flats, and the research group boarded an Australian Airbus for the final journey to McMurdo Station.

Where are we?

Dear Students,

The flat Boulevard 2nd graders were sent from Ohio to Massachusetts last week.  I have packed them in my backpack (where my precious stuff goes, like my passport and plane tickets) and will be leaving on Monday, 1/12, for Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts.  Then I'll fly to Dallas Texas, change planes to fly to Los Angeles, California, then change planes for Auckland, New Zealand crossing the Pacific Ocean, then change planes one more time for a trip to Christchurch, New Zealand.  That whole trip will take almost 2 days.  Once in New Zealand we'll spend a few days there preparing for the final trip to Antarctica on the 16th of January.  I'll write another update from New Zealand.

Best wishes,

NOTE - We missed our flight to nz, so they diverted us from LA to Sydney then Sydney to Christchurch.


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