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NOAA FATE: Stratification and ecosystem assessment

Stratification Indices for Stock and Ecosystem Assessments from a Data Assimilative Circulation Model
: Paula Fratantoni (NOAA), Jon Hare (NOAA), Changsheng Chen (UMASSD)

NSF OCE: Marine Metapopulation Connectivity

Marine Metapopulation Connectivity: Modeling, Estimation and Demographic Consequences
Collaborators: Julie Kellner (WHOI), Simon Thorrold (WHOI), Michael Neubert (WHOI)
Link to Dr. Kellner's project website

NSF OCE: Coastal Phytoplankton Bloom

Interannual Variability of Coastal Phytoplankton Blooms in the Gulf of Maine and Their Relationships to Local and Remote Forcings
Collaborators: Cabell Davis (WHOI), Robert Beardsley (WHOI), Changsheng Chen (UMASS), David Townsend (UMAINE)

NSF OCE: Pan-regional GLOBEC

Copepods in a warming climate: A pan-regional model of Arctic and Northwest Atlantic Systems
Cabell Davis (WHOI), Robert Beardsley (WHOI), Changsheng Chen (UMASSD)

NSF ARC: Arctic Zooplankton

Effect of a warming climate on Arctic shelf and basin Calanus populations: implications for Pan-Arctic ecosystem dynamics
Collaborators: Carin Ashjian (WHOI), Robert Beardsley (WHOI), Cabell Davis (WHOI), Changsheng Chen (UMASS), Geoff Cowles (UMASS), Robert Campbell (URI)

NSF/NOAA: US GLOBEC Georges Bank Program Phase 4B

Processes controlling abundance of dominant copepod species on Georges Bank:   Local dynamics and large-scale forcing.
Collaborators:  Cabell Davis (WHOI), Robert Beardsley (WHOI), Changsheng Chen (UMASS), Ted Durbin (URI), David Townsend (UMAINE), Jeffrey Runge (UMAINE), Charles Flagg (SUNY)


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