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» Agenda

» Ken Johnson, MBARI: Introduction/Objectives

» Debbie Bronk, Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences: OCB/Ocean Time Series Advisory Committee

» Russ Davis, Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Platforms ?float/gliders ? what we have now, what we might want

» Arne Kortzinger, IFM-GEOMAR: Oxygen, pCO2, pH

» Herve Claustre, LOV / CNRS: Active and passive bio-optics (fluorometer, OBS, Trans)

» Craig McNeil, Applied Physics Laboratory at University of Washington: Gas Tension Device

» James K. Bishop, University of California, Berkeley: Particulate Inorganic Carbon (PIC) and Carbon Export Sensor

» Ken Johnson, MBARI: Nitrate

» Steve Riser, University of Washington: Lessons learned in deploying a global array

» Todd Martz, Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Net Community Production/Export

» Mark Altabet, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth: Denitrification/O2 balance in O2 minimum

» Dennis McGillicuddy, WHOI: Mesoscale processes/eddies

» Emmanuel Boss, University of Maine: Testing the Sverdrup Hypothesis

» Watson Gregg, NASA: NASA experience with data assimilating biogeochemical models

» Eric D'Asaro, University of Washington: NATL Intro

» Dennis Hansell, University of Miami: Eddies/Mesoscale Experiment

» Steve Emerson, University of Washington: North Pacific Carbon Export across the SubTropical Front

» Zanna Chase, Oregon State University: Southern Ocean Experiment

» Arne Kortzinger, IFM-GEOMAR: OXYWATCH

» Will Berelson, University of Southern California: Low Oxygen/Denitrification Experiment

» Science Focus Breakout: Production/Export

» Science Focus Breakout: Low Oxygen/Nitrate

» Science Focus Breakout: Mesoscale Processes

» Regional Focus Breakout: Southern Ocean

» Regional Focus Breakout: North Pacific

» Regional Focus Breakout: North Atlantic

» Peter Griffith, NACP

» Lloyd Regier, Scripps Institution of Ocenaography: The Ocean Observatories Initiative Update

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