Week 5 - Coral Calcification and Ocean Acidification

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» Dufault et al. 2012

Required Reading


Pandolfi JM, Connolly SR, Marshall DJ, Cohen AL. 2011. Projecting coral reef futures under global warming and ocean acidification. Science 333: 418-422.


Edmunds PJ, Cumbo VR, Fan T-Y. 2013. Metabolic costs of larval settlement and metamorphosis in the coral Seriatopora caliendrum under ambient and elevated pCO2. J Exp Mar Biol Ecol 443:33-8.

McCulloch M, Falter J, Trotter J, Montagna P. 2012. Coral resilience to ocean acidification and global warming through pH up-regulation. Nature Climate Change 2:623-7.

Other Recommended Reading


Cohen AL, McConnaughey TA (2003)  Geochemical Perspectives on Coral Mineralization. In: Biomineralization. Dove PM, Weiner S, deYoreo JJ (Eds) Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry Vol. 54 pp 151-187.

Hoegh-Guldberg et al. 2007. Coral reefs under rapid climate change and
ocean acidification. Science. 318. 1737-42.


The two papers we read last time the class was offered:

Moya A, Huisman L, Ball EE, Hayward DC, Grasso LC, Chua CM, Woo HN, Gattuso J-P, Foret S, Miller DJ. 2012. Whole transcriptome analysis of the coral Acropora millepora reveals complex responses to CO2 driven acidification during the initiation of calcification. Molecular Ecology 21(10):2440-54. An interesting thing about this paper...it explores potential metabolic effects and fits nicely with the Edmunds et al. paper I assigned for this year.

Dufault AM, Cumbo VR, Fan T-Y, Edmunds PJ. 2012. Effects of diurnally  oscillating pCO2 on the calcification and survival of coral recruits. Proc R Soc B. 279:2951-8.

Other papers you might find interesting... (not all are included in the links to the right)

Cooper TF, O’Leary RA, Lough JM. 2012. Growth of Western Australian corals in the Anthropocene. Science 335:593-596.

De Putron SJ, McCorkle DC, Cohen AL, Dillon AB. 2011. The impact of seawater saturation state and biocarbonate ion concentration on calcification by new recruits of two Atlantic corals. Coral Reefs

Holcomb M, Cohen AL, McCorkle DC. 2012. An investigation of the calcification response of the scleractinian coral Astrangia poculata to elevated pCO2 and the effects of nutrients, zooxanthellae and gender. Biogeosciences 9: 29-39.

Manzello DP, Kleypas JA, Budd DA, Eakin CM, Glynn PW, Langdon C. 2008. Poorly cemented coral reefs of the eastern tropical Pacific: Possible insights into reef development in a high-CO2
world. PNAS 105(30): 10450-55.


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