Week 8: Oceanography and circulation

Lecture by Jesus Pineda,

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» Leichter et al. 2006

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Required Reading (and suggested order)

1. Roder, C., L. Fillinger, C. Jantzen, G. M. Schmidt, S. Khokiattiwong, and C. Richter. 2010. Trophic response of corals to large amplitude internal waves. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 412: 113-128, doi:10.3354/meps08707.

2. Leichter, J. J., B. Helmuth, and A. M. Fischer. 2006. Variation beneath the surface: quantifying complex thermal environments on coral reefs in the Caribbean, Bahamas and Florida. J. Mar. Res. 64: 563-588, doi:10.1357/002224006778715711.

Supplementary/background (optional) reading

3. Davis, K., S. Lentz, J. Pineda, J. Farrar, V. Starczak, and J. Churchill. 2011. Observations of the thermal environment on Red Sea platform reefs: A heat budget analysis. Coral Reefs 30: 25-36, doi:10.1007/s00338-011-0740-8 

(**Focus on the observations and the broad aspects of the modelling, and less on the details of the equations.**)

4. Glynn PW and M. W. Colgan (1992) Sporadic disturbances in fluctuating coral reef environments: El Niño and coral reef development in the Eastern Pacific. Am Zool 32:707-718


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